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For your wrapping and packaging projects in horizontal machines  for products such as:

  Salt, pepper or ground coffee, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and honey, nescafé, three-in-one coffee, milk powder, coffee creamer and powdered drinks, Juice ,Refreshing towel, medical plaster, makeup remover towel, eyeglass cleaning wipe, computer cleaning wipe, disinfectant towel etc… Suitable for packaging liquid and pasty products, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, honey and liquid cosmetics like shampoo, liquid soap, instant coffee, instant drinks, seeds, chemicals

Type of bags: 04 seals

Speed : 90-500 stick packs /min  

Equipment suppliers:

We use the best electronic components such as

PLC and screen:  SIEMENS  

Pneumatic: FESTO

Servo motor: KOLL MORGEN

Sensors:  SICK


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