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 Open Mouth Bagging Machines

Automatic bagging machine for open mouth bags. Ideal for packaging and  large capacities until 50kg


Cereals and seeds, chemical powder fertilizers, legumes, plastic materials, flour, semolina, milk, powder cat litter, wheat animal food, building materials, pet food, sugar, wood pellets..... ......

Packaging :

  • Preformed bag

  • Square background

  • bellows

  • Doypack

  • Double square bottom

unfolded, pinch-top, flat, and folded either in:

  • Paper

  • Aluminized paper,

  • Polyethylene paper

  • PE

  • woven polypropylene (PP)

  • Laminated raffia



Speed : 10 BMP


Speed : 10BMP


Automatic machine

Speed : up 50 BMP

300g to 5kg

(Doypack) or square bottom open mouth bags

Automatic machine

Speed : 10BMP

2kg to 50kg

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