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Horizontal Doypack machines:

The  Doypack is a versatile flat-bottomed bag model, compatible with several applications. This modern packaging offers great flexibility in terms of dimensions, structures and content.

Nature of product:

Packaging :

THE proproduct will be packaged in doypack-based bags:

  • coil based

  • Based on preformed bag 

Production capacity :
Depending on customer request, we have several proposals in relation to the nature of the product.uit, the type of sachet, thedimensions 
packaging and operation of the machine.
basically we have three types of machine:

Coil-Based Doypack:
A capacity varies between50 to 65 bags/min 
Doypack based on preformed bag:
A capacity varies between30 to 40 bags/min 
Bagging machine
preformed bag base :
for doypack bags and square bottom bags
A capacity varies between50 bags/min 

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