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Vertical Machines:

Conditioning and packaging of a wide range of products in reel-based bags of multiple shapes for small, medium and large production.

Nature of product:

Packaging :

the product will be packaged in reel or film based bags such as:

  • Square bottom bag

  • Double square bottom bag "Brick"

  • Cushion bag

  • Bag of 04 “envelope” welds

  • Quadro bag

  • Gusset bag

With several options:

  • Euro “omega” cast iron

  • Single hole

  • Has label

  • With advertising strip

  • With chains

  • With valve

  • With hand hole

Production capacity :
Depending on customer request, we have several proposals in relation to the nature of the product, the type of bag, thedimensions 
packaging and machine operationeven  .
wholesale at modo we have three types of machine:

Coil based vertical:
A capacity varies between20 to 105 bags/min 
with operation continuous or intermittent 

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