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Horizontal machines

  • flow pack
  • Wrappers
  • Fold in X
Our Machinery:
  • AW-MINI semi-automatic box overwrapping machines

  • AW2003-SF Cardboard Box Overwrapping Machine

  • AW55-SRV servo system carton box on packing machine

  • ALM-2010-IN Fully Automatic Reverse Flow Wrapping Machine

  • ALM-2010-TO Fully Automatic Molasses Sachet Dosing and Packing Line

  • ALM-2010 fully automatic flow-pack packaging machine

  • AW-Mini Semi-automatic Box Overwrapping Machine

  • AW-Ream Paper Envelope and Playing Card Packing Machine

  • ALM-2062 Reverse Moving Jaw System Horizontal Wrapping Machine

  • ALM-2080 Plastic Disposable Spoon Horizontal Wrapping Machine

  • ALM-2060 Fully Automatic Moving Jaw Horizontal Wrapping Machine

Our packaging and products:

Ideal machines for packaging cubic or cylindrical products, whether monoblock or multiblock such as:

Cookies, wafers, cake boxes, chocolate and candy boxes, cosmetics, tea boxes, herbs, dates, molasses, detergents, playing cards, mailing papers and envelopes, honey spoons and ice cream scoops


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